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Monday, March 19, 2012

How to Speak Like a Socialist

DailyKos is trying to teach their lefty readers some new language because the old word aren't working.  We've seen how "liberals" suddenly became "progressives" because the "l" word became so toxic.  They're trying to do the same with other terms.  Here are the suggestions they're making to their readers - pay attention because you'll start hearing these terms in the media before too long:
1. Never say Entitlements.

–Instead, say Earned Benefits.
If they were all earned it wouldn't be such a problem, but often they aren't.
2. Never say Redistribution of Wealth.

–Instead, say Fair Wages For Work.
Again, you have a problem when many of those receiving the redistribution aren't actually working for it.
3. Never say Employer Paid Health Insurance.

–Instead, say Employee Earned Health Insurance.
We probably won't have to remember this one very long because if Obamacare is fully implemented there won't be any Employer Paid Health Insurance anymore.
4. Never say Government Spending.

–Instead, say The People Are Investing.
Well then, the people are idiots because so much of government spending is wasted. Any fund manager that made as many mistakes as the government does in its "investing" would end up in jail.
5. Never say Corporate America.

–Instead, say Unelected Corporate Government.
This is the most nonsensical of all since corporations have no governmental power.  If you want to find truly Unelected Corporate Government just look at Obama's many czars.

It's really kind of sad that liberals can't just tell us what they really want.  Their policies, when fully exposed, are absolutely toxic to freedom-loving Americans.

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Sam L. said...

Well, if they told us what they really want, bad things would happen. To them.

And they know it.