HolyCoast: Obama Now Resorting to Raffle Ticket Sales to Fund His Campaign

Monday, March 19, 2012

Obama Now Resorting to Raffle Ticket Sales to Fund His Campaign

Next he may try selling Girl Scout cookies.  Why?  The donor base that propelled him to victory in 2008 has largely abandoned him.  Andrew Malcolm reports:
Except for Warren Buffet, Obama has been bashing rich Americans like himself for months now. And guess what? A lot of them are not writing him the big checks they did back in 2007-08 when he raised $745 million and his unopened promise bag was full of hope and change.

Last summer after 17 months of hope and change, only 7% of Obama's 2008 supporters were renewing their support for 2012. That's about one-third the rate George W. Bush had in his 2004 reelection bid.

The Washington Post just reported that around 11,000 donors had contributed at least $2,000 to the Obama campaign or Democratic National Committee since last spring. That's less than half as many as at this point in 2008 and less than a quarter of Bush's 2004 turnout, jeopardizing their once assured goal of a billion dollar campaign this time. Obama's large donor rate is also less than Mitt Romney is collecting from his big supporters.

The reasons, interviews of money bundlers determined, are several: the continuing poor economy, unhappiness with some of Obama's actions (or inactions) and over-confidence about his success against the still-competing Republican field. And the impact of rising gas prices, now showing up in national polls.

As one result, the Obama camp has had to focus more on smaller donors. Their almost daily e-mail appeals now seek a $3 minimum contribution, instead of the previous $10-$50. And as an incentive, they promise a lottery chance to dine with the president. Three dollars is better than none now and any new donors can count on being tagged again and again.
One thing's for sure, if you enter your email address anywhere on the Obama campaign or White House websites you will be buried in creepy messages that tell you Obama loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life...just send some more money.

The other day Obama did five fundraisers in Chicago and Atlanta. They have him hopping from one to another in a desperate attempt to hit their financial goals. At one point his campaign was supposed to raise a billion dollars. It won't, and probably won't even come close.

At some point I half expect Obama to just start letting people into his fundraisers for free and then passing the hat.

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Larry said...

Rush has often referred to the stimulus as Obama's 'slush fund'. I wonder if Obama's followers who, benefitted from the stimulus, were expected to boomerang that money right back at Obama -and they're not.

Does Rush also think that stimulus money got set aside (the stimulus accounting is shady to say the least) for his re-election campaign?