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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Is This Really The Kind of Stuff the Department of Justice Should Be Doing?

I keep tabs on the Rockport, TX newspaper just because I visit there every year, know a lot of people down there, and like to know what's been going on.  I saw this item:
County Clerk Peggy Friebele received notice of U.S. Department of Justice approval for the Precinct 4 polling place change.

The new polling location is the Agrilife Extension Building located at 892 Airport Road. This has been moved from the Fulton Learning Center due to upcoming construction at the school.

The change is effective immediately. Precinct 4 voters will vote at the Agrilife Extension building in the upcoming Republican and Democrat Primary Elections which will be held Tuesday, May 29.
Do you know why a small town in South Texas has to get the approval of the DOJ to make a simple change to a polling place? Because of the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965. Nobody has the guts to repeal this silliness and so 47 years later we're still treating a number of Southern states like children. The DOJ has to investigate dumb things like this to ensure that whatever change is made doesn't someone disenfranchise minority voters - you know, the ones they don't require to have any identification.

This is also why the DOJ can veto Texas redistricting and voter ID laws in several other states.  It's time for this to end.  After all, Eric Holder needs to have time to ship guns to Mexican drug cartels.

By the way, for all the Ron Paul fans out there, this is his district.  Why hasn't he called for an end to this law?

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Larry said...

The Civil Rights Act was passed by REPUBLICANS in response to what DEMOCRATS were doing back in the day.

Once white people realized that herassing black people was wrong, and stoped voting for the white racist DEMOCRAT candidates, the DEMOCRATS declared that their former voters were suddenly a bunch of racists.