HolyCoast: LA City Council Wants to Be The Thought Police

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LA City Council Wants to Be The Thought Police

I guess certain members of the Los Angeles City Council don't care much for free speech:
Top-rated local radio station KFI 640 AM is under fire from the Los Angeles City Council.

The council will debate a resolution on Wednesday condemning talk radio hosts that use racist, sexist and derogatory language on the air.

The resolution singles out KFI radio, and in particular, its two afternoon talk show hosts John and Ken.

They came under fire recently after calling Whitney Houston "a crack ho" a few days after she died.

John and Ken were briefly suspended by the station...

They also criticize syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh for referring to Georgetown law student Sandra Fluck as a "slut" and a "prostitute" after she testified before congress about contraception.

The resolution calls on KFI to reign in its talk show hosts.

It states, in part: "Derogatory language used by some radio personnel has no place on public airwaves in the Great City of Los Angeles or anywhere in America.

"The City Council urges KFI 640 AM's management to do everything in their power to ensure that their on-air hosts do not... promote racist and sexist slurs."

Sponsors of the measure include councilmembers Herb Wesson, Jan Perry and Bernard Parks, as well as several minority groups.
All three city council members are black, and Parks is a former LAPD chief. You'd think at least he'd have a passing understanding of the Bill of Rights.

This is just another part of the organized effort to intimidate conservative talk radio and it won't work.  Although John and Ken aren't traditional conservatives by any means, they make their living poking the powerful and making controversial statements.  That isn't going to change because of some wimpy council members.

And we already know Rush isn't going to fold for people who don't believe the Constitution means what it says, and neither is Clear Channel.  This is a cheap political stunt by some council members desperate for attention and who want to appear "caring".  It will be ignored.  The council has no power to enforce their will as thought police.

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Anonymous said...

To be completely honest I think this is absolutely ridiculous. At the end of the day it is freedom of speech. People should be allowed to say whatever they want. That is their right.

If you do not like what they are saying then do not listen to them. Do not support them.

Just because you are angered from what they are saying does not mean you have a right to tell them to stop. Simply do not turn on their channel and move on.

I think it is absolutely ridiculous how our city council cannot act like mature adults in this matter. That is the main problem with our country. We feel like we have to protect people when at the end of the day those people simply have to never tune into that channel again, and they would never be offended again.