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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lefty Apologies Coming Thick and Fast

Yesterday I reported on a blackface skit that Tom Hanks participated in, and a day or so ago an offensive statement made by Robert DeNiro at an Obama fundraiser.  In the old days those would have been completely ignored and the offenders would have gotten off without even a comment.  In fact, the Hanks skit occurred eight years ago and until yesterday was never an issue.

Well, this is a new day.  Since the left has decided to hold conservatives accountable for every little word they say, conservatives have decided to use liberal standards against them by making the same demands for contrition that are made against conservatives.  This is actually one of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals:  Make the enemy live up their own book of rules.

Now Tom Hanks has had to apologize for his eight-year old lapse in judgment and both the White House and Robert DeNiro have issued statements of regret about his question asking whether "America was ready for a white First Lady".

While I enjoy seeing the lefties hoisted on their own petard, I do mourn the loss of edgy humor.  I have a sense of humor that has often caused some discomfort among people who ought to be discomforted, but in today's politically correct world, even an innocent attempt at humor can cause you serious grief.  It's a shame, really, because a free society should have a sense of humor developed enough to accept edgy stuff without getting a case of the vapors.  A good sense of humor should not be a disqualifier for public office.

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