HolyCoast: New Black Panthers Call For Murder of Florida Shooter

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Black Panthers Call For Murder of Florida Shooter

Imagine that:
Yesterday afternoon at a press conference, the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense circulated a “wanted dead or alive” poster for George Zimmerman for shooting to death a Florida teenager four weeks ago.
Solicitation of murder is a felony just about everywhere in the country. Throw these animals in jail.


Nightingale said...

So much for due process.

And how about the soldier who allegedly killed civilians in Afghanistan? The media have tried and convicted him before any trial. And they don't even have any physical evidence: no bodies (buried before autopsies), no ballistics, no DNA. Really? And yet the shooter from Fort Hood seems to have disappeared from the MSM's radar.

Does justice only applies if your black and/or Muslim?

Sam L. said...

Eric Holder says "I zee nozzink!"

I've heard that the soldier came back to base and confessed. That was on NPR, so...