HolyCoast: Vetting Obama: The Racist Lunatic Law Professor He Adored, Derrick Bell

Friday, March 09, 2012

Vetting Obama: The Racist Lunatic Law Professor He Adored, Derrick Bell

It's instructive to look at the people who mentored Obama and instilled their values in him.  Earlier this week we saw the 30-year old Obama praising Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell, a man best described as Rev. Jeremiah Wright without the clerical robes.  A profile of Bell worth reading can be found here.

Bell is just another in a long string of leftist characters who taught Obama to hate America and all it stands for, and to create in him a desire to reduce America to what he thinks is its rightful place in the world...just another country, nothing exceptional at all, a country that must be punished for multiple sins of the past.

How come we never heard about this connection to Bell before this week?  You can thank the mainstream media for that, and I think the media is going to have a very tough year as more of this kind of stuff is revealed.


Larry said...

From The Roots of Obama's Rage, by Dinesh D'Souza:

"According to journalists who have tracked his curriculum, Obama studied books documenting the white subjugation of native populations such as Shoal of Time, and also Dee Brown's Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, about American Indians of the Great Plains' and Farewell to Manzanar, an account of Japanese American internment during World War II. I'm not sure if the course was titled "Oppression Studies," but you get the picture.

"Obama’s eagerness to make common cause with African Americans even moved him to get involved in the bizarre Derrick Bell controversy. Bell threatened to resign from the Harvard law faculty if the university didn’t increase minority hiring; Bell specifically demanded the immediate recruitment of a woman of color. At a time when blacks could do virtually no wrong at Harvard –when the university was doing pirouettes and backward somersaults to please blacks –Bell somehow convinced himself that “racism is an integral, permanent and indestructible component of this society” and that Harvard was a big part of the problem. What was Bell’s evidence for this? Actually, he had none. So instead Bell drew on his imagination. One of his stories, “The Space Traders,” envisioned hordes of whites seeking to round up blacks and subject them to a Holocaust. Some blacks survive, however, and they are chased down to be sold into slavery to aliens from outer space."

Nightingale said...

A house is known by the company it keeps, unless you're a Democrat.