HolyCoast: Dems Launch Next Predictable Attack on Romney - Polygamy

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dems Launch Next Predictable Attack on Romney - Polygamy

Really?  The "War on Women" thing failed.  The dog thing has backfired spectacularly.  And now this from Dem. Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana:
The Daily Beast contacted the office of Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer today to talk about whether his state would be in play in the 2012 presidential election. About a half hour later, the governor called back, and he had a lot to say. He didn’t think that Montana would be a swing state, but the Democrat did say that Mitt Romney could have issues nationally because his father was “born on a polygamy commune in Mexico.”
Jim Geraghty responds:
Of course, if the Democrats want to make this race about which candidate is closer to a polygamist ancestor . . . we can play that game.
Jim didn't include this, but I will:
Though the proof that he was actually born in Hawaii may silence some critics, a new, rather more interesting side of his life has emerged – that his father Barack Obama senior was a polygamist who government and university officials were trying to force out of the country.

Obama senior married Stanley Ann Dunham, a white student from Kansas, not only when he was said to have already been married to a woman in Kenya, but at a time when interracial marriages were still illegal in many parts of the U.S.

Documents obtained from the U.S. immigration service paint a picture of a man who ‘had an eye for the ladies’ and, according to his file, had to be warned several times to stay away from girls at the university.
Go ahead, Dems, make my day.


Sam L. said...

And nail that filthy Mormon Harry Reid to the wall, too.

And those Muslims! Oh, wait, they might get unhappy about it.

Larry said...

From 'The Roots of Obama's Rage' By Dinesh D'Souza

[Barack Obama Sr.] married Kezia in Kenya and had two children with her. Before the second child was born, he abandoned his family to come to America. There he met Obama's mother Ann, got her pregnant, and then married her, but without telling her he was already married. When Obama was two, his father abandoned him and his mother to go to Harvard; there he moved in with a teacher, Ruth Nidesand. Eventually he took Nidesand back to Africa, married her, and had two children with her. But he also rejoined his African wife, Kezia, and had two more children with her. Later in life he took up with still another woman, Jael Otieno, and impregnated her. The two of them planned to get married after the child was born, but the marriage never took place.

Sam L. said...

The "Dreams of My Father" were illegal in this country.