HolyCoast: Economic Quote of the Day

Friday, April 20, 2012

Economic Quote of the Day

From Sen. Jeff Sessions, commenting on the Senate's decision not to vote on a budget for the third straight year:
“I can’t imagine that they would want to go to the American people and ask for higher taxes when they refuse to comply with the plain statutory law that says they should have a budget to tell where that money is going to be spent. If you won’t tell the American people where you’re going to spend the money, how much debt you’re going to run up, how much spending you’re going to cut or not cut, then I don’t think the American people ought to send another dime to this place. Not another dime!”
Now that's an idea I could support.


Nightingale said...

That doesn't seem to stop the State of California.


Lana said...

It's too bad he waited until after tax day to say this.