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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Media Bias Headlines of the Day

The lynch mob at work:
NBC Launches Internal Investigation Over Altered Zimmerman Call...
With selective editing NBC turned Zimmerman's 911 phone call into a racist rant.  Shameful.

CBS Interviews Funeral Director...

Because the funeral director claimed Martin showed no signs injury CBS tried to make the claim that Zimmerman's story about a physical struggle was a lie.  However, Zimmerman claimed he was floored with one punch from Martin and Martin was on top of him pounding away when he shot him.  Doesn't sound like Martin likely would have been injured, which means the funeral director's story actually supports the Zimmerman account.

ABC News doctors Zimmerman video to peddle false story in Trayvon Martin case
ABC used a low definition security tape to assert that Zimmerman showed up at the police station without any sign of injury.  However, at a key point in the tape when the back of Zimmerman's head would have been most clearly visible, ABC put a chiron up that covered that area.  Further review of the tape, but other tapes and witness accounts have since surfaced supporting Zimmerman's story of nose and head injuries from the fight.

A copyright may frame an innocent man
Why is it the photo of George Zimmerman that we always see is an old booking photo of him in a jail jumpsuit when there are better and more recent photos available? Because a newspaper company won't release the smiling photos for use. Read the story at the link

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