HolyCoast: NAGS Launched Latest Failed Campaign Against Rush

Friday, April 20, 2012

NAGS Launched Latest Failed Campaign Against Rush

The people at the National Association of Gals just never learn:
NOW or Never? Never  -- Like Don Quixote, the National Organization for Women chases windmills. In NOW's case, their windmill is radio talk-show king Rush Limbaugh. TheDC's Caroline May reports:

"The National Organization for Women (NOW) is attempting, once again, to do what no other group has been able to accomplish — get radio giant Rush Limbaugh off the air. On Thursday, the women’s advocacy group announced a renewed protest campaign —”Enough Rush” — to bring Limbaugh down. 'He is going to be whining and calling us out about his First Amendment rights' Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, told The Daily Caller about how she expects Limbaugh to react to their campaign. 'There is nothing in the Constitution that says Rush Limbaugh gets $38 million a year for being on a radio show.'"
Well, there was nothing in the Constitution that allowed women to vote until 1920, and in the case of the NAGS we clearly screwed that up.

Let me just make a bold prediction:  This effort will fail miserably.  Every group's that tried it has failed.  The next group will fail too.


Larry said...

From the article:
"Glicklich noted that NOW is using the campaign [against Limbaugh] to raise money."

As much as they would love to get rid of Limbaugh, this is probably the crux of the matter. It wouldn't surprise me if, after the Susan G Komen war, moneybags are steering clear of groups like NOW for fear that if they decided later to leave they'd get hammered with a media blitz.

Potential donors are keeping their distance lest they be forever joined.

Sam L. said...

And the more miserably, the better.

But Larry has them pegged. It's for money. (Oh No, The Boogeyman!!!)

Same for Mo Dees, too.