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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Political Tweet of the Day

From West Wing Report:
Latest poll (NBC/WSJ): #Obama 49%, #Romney 43%. Obama seen strong on protecting the middle class, Romney on improving the economy
First of all, I'd like to see their sample. Seems awfully fishy in light of Gallup's numbers which show Romney with a 4 or 5 point lead. One of them has to be pretty far wrong.

Secondly, Obama has done NOTHING to protect the middle class. They're getting creamed by his policies, but because that never gets reported by media outlets like NBC, the voters have been allowed to believe Obama's rhetoric without a serious challenge from the mainstream media.


Sam L. said...

"Obama seen strong on protecting the middle class"

Gotta be a lie. Or a selected group of tools and fools.

Larry said...

Welfare and food stamp recipients probably consider themselves to be middle class, and therefore anyone who keeps those benefits coming protects the middle class, and anyone who says they should get a job hurts the middle class.

The reality is that they are not the middle class; they are the DEPENDANT CLASS, which feeds off the middle class. As long as they see a welfare check and food stamps as the same as a paycheck there is no internal motivator for them to ever work or ever vote Republican.