HolyCoast: The Race Card Is Over It's Limit in the Trayvon Martin Case

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Race Card Is Over It's Limit in the Trayvon Martin Case

Let's just say George Zimmerman was overcharged.  Second degree murder?  No way.  Looking at some of the information provided to support the charge the prosecution seems to be offering a completely different story than we've heard so far.  For instance, the complaint alleges that Zimmerman attacked Martin, and yet with the exception of the bullet wound Martin was untouched while Zimmerman had obvious injuries to his nose and the back of his head.  Even the funeral home director confirmed no other injuries on Martin.  The two don't add up.

My own feeling is that the prosecution had to charge Zimmerman with something that included the word "murder" to keep the neighborhood from going ape**** crazy and burning the place down.  Had they charged him with negligent homicide or something along those lines, the race pimps would have gone nuts and incited a riot.  This charge also takes the pressure off of Florida officials...for a little while.

I think what they've done is postpone the looting to a more convenient date.

Let's see what happens if this case ever gets to trial.  There's still a chance that the entire thing could be challenged under the "Stand Your Ground" law and the case dismissed.  That would be a gutsy move on the part of the judge who ordered that.

If it does make it to trial, I expect that 2nd degree murder, which requires a finding of intent, won't be the only option available to the jury.  Expect them to be given the option of a lesser charge, because the prosecution won't want to put all their eggs in the 2nd degree murder basket.  They know they won't get that.  I personally think they expect to lose on 2nd degree but hope the jury will throw them a bone with a lesser charge that will keep the natives happy.

However, it may never come to that.  The potential jury pool in South Florida has been hopelessly polluted by all the racially inflammatory coverage.  Zimmerman couldn't possibly get a fair trial there.  Even moving the case north won't guarantee that they can find a jury not already badly influenced one way or the other.  Since it's a state charge, moving it out of Florida is not an option.

If this ever does go to trial, I would give the chances of a hung jury at better than 75%.  The racial make-up of the panel will be critical.  Neither side will accept a panel too heavily Hispanic, White or Black.  And all it takes is one to hang a jury.  Zimmerman will be put through a very expensive wringer and it will all be wasted on the part of both parties.

And then after the case collapses, and especially if Zimmerman is found not guilty, expect Eric Holder to step in and file civil rights charges.  Anything to placate the race pimps.

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