HolyCoast: Hey Humorless Libs, Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hey Humorless Libs, Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

There was a piece written on a Comedy Central blog yesterday that created much mirth among conservatives.  Big Hollywood recaps:

Comedy Central's programming lineup is littered with liberals, from Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart to the new "Key & Peele" show. No matter how hard you squint you won't find a show catering to the Right.

So what does the network do when it sees conservative jokesters trumping their liberal peers on Twitter?
Whine, whine whine.
Check out this Comedy Central "Indecision" blog post dubbed, "Conservative Hashtag Games Are Ruining Twitter." The author, Gonzalo Cordova, is kevetching that every time those wonderful liberals start a social media meme conservatives hijack it for their own cause.
Everyone in power deserves to be ridiculed. If that wasn't true, we'd be wasting our time with this blog (instead of just wasting your time with this blog). I don't have a problem with these hashtag games politically. I have a problem with these hashtag games comedically....Liberals, hashtags rarely work in your favor and they're often hijacked by obsessive conservatives. Conservatives, please be funnier.
If you're a regular on Twitter you know how well conservatives destroy every attempt Obama or the left make in creating hashtags to criticize the GOP. Conservatives are pretty funny people - I mean laugh out loud funny, and the left just hates it when we take their self-righteous whining and turn it against them.

I posted this comment on the original Comedy Center blog post which proved to be somewhat popular with other readers:
Lefties are welcome to try and create clever Twitter posts the way conservatives do. They'll fail, but they're welcome to try. #ObamaAteADog
It's this lack of ability to laugh at themselves that make liberals so horribly tedious. Thankfully, they'll never learn and we can go on mocking them and their twisted beliefs.

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