HolyCoast: Liberal Activists: Stop Talking About Our Failures!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Liberal Activists: Stop Talking About Our Failures!

A couple of weeks ago I was driving up the 880 in Fremont, CA when I spotted this monstrosity along the highway:
It's the massive tomb where $535 million tax dollars are buried - Solyndra, the company which made solar panels at a cost much higher than the Chinese could and went upside down after being praised by Obama. Lefty activists, including a Dem senator, want us to stop talking about it:
The liberal advocacy group Media Matters for America and Delaware Democratic Sen. Chris Coons teamed up Thursday to urge reporters to ignore the Solyndra scandal.

“Media Matters is watching the news all day, every day,” Media Matters President Matt Butler declared during a Thursday morning call with reporters. After “the year-and-a-half long failed investigation of Solyndra” — the collapsed Department of Energy-backed solar company that cost taxpayers $535 million — “clean energy opponents are not letting up,” Butler lamented.

Supporters of green energy should not allow talk of the the Solyndra debacle, and other skepticism directed at federally subsidized fossil fuel alternatives, to overshadow “scores of success stories surrounding American clean energy companies,” Butler said.
But there are also scores of "green" energy companies that have sucked up billions in tax dollars with nothing to show for it. Rather than try and force technology that isn't ready yet, why don't we try funding the stuff we already know works...like oil and coal.


Sam L. said...

"...why don't we try funding the stuff we already know works...like oil and coal."

Where's the fun in that? Or the graft/cronyism?

That's why...

MikeyJ said...

What "scores" of successes is he spouting about? If there were any significant "successes", Media Matters would be all too happy to parrot Ubumma's lines.

Larry said...

"What 'scores' of successes is he spouting about?"

Remember that to liberals, intentions are all that matter. The intent to go solar counts as a success. The failure to actually do so doesn't. The fact that they wasted billions of dollars in their endeavor means nothing, since it wasn't their money anyway.

Sam L. said...

I'll betcha Timmy Geithner "intended" to pay his taxes.