HolyCoast: Nice Convention Choice You Made There, Democrats

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nice Convention Choice You Made There, Democrats

Good luck slamming Wall Street while accepting the nomination at Bank of America Stadium:
The Democratic National Convention could be meeting on enemy territory come September. The state that flipped for Barack Obama last election, making him the first Democratic presidential candidate to win the state in more than 30 years, is increasingly at odds with the White House. North Carolina just banned gay marriage, only weeks before Obama came out in favor of it, triggering a petition from a gay rights group to move the convention. Conventioneers are also certain to face heated protests from union members angry the event is being held in an anti-union "right-to-work" state, and from the jobless in a state where the unemployment rate is above the national average, notes the Daily Beast.

Obama's remaining hope to woo the state may be to beat the populist gong, say observers. “If Obama can strategically place himself as the anti-Wall Street candidate, then that far exceeds the gay question,” Democratic strategist Dave Saunders tell the Beast. But the convention is also inconveniently being held in Charlotte, the world headquarters of Bank of America, which will also be a lightning rod for protests. Obama will be giving his acceptance speech, cringingly, in the Bank of America Stadium. “When North Carolina was picked, it was an excellent choice,” says one election expert. Now Democrats are loath to "admit the state is already gone, but it probably is."
North Carolina barely went for Obama in 2008. They won't make that mistake again and holding the convention there won't change anything.  The Democrats will be a pretty grumpy bunch in Charlotte because by then it will be obvious that they're chances of winning in November will be slim.

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