HolyCoast: Want a Gun? You Can Win One From The Daily Caller

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Want a Gun? You Can Win One From The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller is based in Washington D.C. which has some of the most ridiculous gun laws around and until recently banned the possession of all weapons by its citizens (except the thugs, gang members and robbers who have always been allowed to have guns in D.C.).  The Daily Caller thinks you should have a gun if you wish and they want to help:
The Great Gun Giveaway -- The Daily Caller (US!) will be giving away an American-made 9mm pistol every week between now and November 6th. Publisher Neil Patel has the skinny:

"’Like most Americans outside Washington, DC, New York City and most of our nation’s news rooms, large numbers of Daily Caller readers love guns. These people are already looking to our new Guns and Gear section for the latest product reviews and second amendment news,’ said Neil Patel, Publisher and CEO. ‘Thanks to Guns and Gear editor Mike Piccione, and the generous support of FMK, we are excited to have the opportunity to give those loyal and engaged readers the chance to win a new pistol every week leading up to the election.’"

The pistols come in three different colors and are engraved with the Bill of Rights. Click here to enter today.
Use it in good health.

1 comment:

Larry said...

"...except the thugs, gang members and robbers."

...and Washington Post columnists like Carl Rowan -who coulda sworn he was exempt from the gun ban. To liberals, rights are such a precious thing, that they must be rationed.