HolyCoast: Obama Guilty of Reporter Racial Profiling

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Obama Guilty of Reporter Racial Profiling

Because we're told racial profiling is evil we have to treat little old ladies at the airport the same as young Arab men, but Obama can pick his reporters based on race and it's no problem:
“The White House went with Robin because of her personal rapport, their friendship, the past interviews — but also her race [African-American], even her age,” one producer at ABC told POLITICO of the 51-year-old Roberts. “There is a very strong, very basic connection there.”
What do you think would happen if Mitt Romney chose a reporter for a big interview because he was white? Or a Mormon?

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Larry said...

When Obama needed a member of the media to run interference for them on contraceptives, they hired George Stephanopoulos of ABC News -who was moderating an upcomming Republican debate -to ambush the candidates.

The choice of network may be payback for ABC News working well in tandem with Obama's re-election campaign.