HolyCoast: Rush Pokes the NAGS

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rush Pokes the NAGS

I had a piece the other day on plans by the National Association of Gals (NOW) and Media Matters launching an effort to drive Rush Limbaugh off the air.  Of course, it will fail.

And Rush, not exactly a shrinking violet, is fighting back in the best way possible - with ridicule (from Legal Insurrection):
Rush Limbaugh launched a Facebook Page called Rush Babes for America, intended to show that more women support him than support the National Organization for Women.
And sure enough, Rush Babes already has more followers than the NOW page, and NOW is griping.
The NAG response is typical. If you criticize their organization you're a "bully". Just like "racist", the word "bully" is quickly losing its meaning. People hear the ladies whining and just tune out.

Of course, men do that anyway. It's genetic.


Underdog said...

Rush Babes for America. Classic Rush!

NAGS: Nasty, Angry Ghastly Souls.

So predictable, and that's where the humor comes from. . . they play right into Rush's foil.

Sam L. said...

And he gets them right where it hurts--their lack of a sense of humor.