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Monday, May 07, 2012

Some Advice For Mitt

Been a busy day today, but while I was out a couple of things happened that will require some type of response from Romney. Let me help.

First, someone at a Romney rally said Obama was guilty of treason and lefty heads exploded. Eight years of calling Bush "Hitler" and a "traitor" apparently don't count and suddenly the left demands that Romney account for every word from the mouths of his supporters.

Here's what Mitt should say when some journoweinie asks about it.

Journoweinie: Gov. Romney, do you apologize for what that lady said at your rally?

Mitt: No.

Journoweinie: Could you expand on that?

Mitt: Noooooooooooo.

The second issue is Obama's embrace of gay marriage. Mitt should have a simple answer.

"I personally am not I'm favor of upsetting 5,000 years of tradition and law to redefine marriage. And I'm not in favor of federalizing the issue with Constitutional amendments or federal laws. What I do favor is following the 10th Amendment and allowing the states to handle the issue however the voters of that state wish to handle it. Very simple."

Mitt, you're welcome.

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