HolyCoast: Obama Endorses Gay Marriage Without Actually Saying So

Monday, May 07, 2012

Obama Endorses Gay Marriage Without Actually Saying So

You have to admire the way Obama plays his special interest groups like a virtuoso, but I'm afraid there's so much winking and nodding going on he's going to end up with a crick in his neck.

How do you endorse gay marriage without actually saying it?  By having a number of surrogates make public statements such as we've seen the last two days.  Yesterday Joe Biden came out in an interview in support of gay marriage, and today it was Education Secretary Arne Duncan's turn.  Look for others to join in very soon.  Obama has decided to make this a campaign issue even though it affects maybe 3% of the population, nearly all of whom were going to vote for him anyway.  The intent is to make Mitt Romney look "intolerant".

We're also being told that Obama's position on the issue is "evolving".  That's probably true since everytime I hear that Obama's nose grows a little.  It's clear he supports gay marriage but doesn't dare say so because it's very unpopular with black voters - something like 70% disapprove.  It's also unpopular with a lot of evangelicals, some of whom fell for the rainbows and unicorns last time.  While I think Obama could reinstate slavery and still get 90% of the black vote, this election is going to be so close I don't think he dares making a stand that would cost him anybody who voted for him in 2008.  So he winks and nods at the activists and through his surrogates promises to ram gay marriage through after the election the way he jammed Obamacare down our throats.

Democrats have to cobble together a collection of special interests in order to win elections.  This is yet another strategy in that effort.

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