HolyCoast: Visiting One Of Obama's Green Jobs Graveyards

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Visiting One Of Obama's Green Jobs Graveyards

We were driving up 880 in Silicon Valley and had to jump off the freeway to get a few pictures so you could see what Obama did with over $500 million of your tax dollars...the infamous Solyndra. This massive solar panel manufacturing plant now sits empty with a "For Sale" sign on it. Hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers, suppliers and creditors down the drain all in the name of "green" jobs.

And just down the road is electric car manufacturer Tesla, which I expect will soon join Solyndra in the green jobs graveyard.

I wish I could afford to put a "Don't Let This Happen Again - Romney For President" sign on the side of the Solyndra tomb.


Nightingale said...

Make a sign from the picture and put it on your front lawn; sell it on your website.

Larry said...

For a modest fee, Romney could probably buy the rights to the names of all the bankrupt energy companies so he could put them on t-shirts.

The Obama Green Energy Jobs Tour:

Nevada Geothermal Power -CANCELED
Solyndra -CANCELED
Beacon Power -CANCELED
Tesla Motors -CANCELED
Abound Solar -CANCELED
Iberdrola Renewables -CANCELED
Vestas Wind Systems -CANCELED
First Solar -CANCELED
Evergreen Solar -CANCELED
Spectrawatt -CANCELED
Solopower -CANCELED
Bright Source Energy -CANCELED