HolyCoast: BREAKING: White House Asserts Executive Privilege Over "Fast and Furious" Documents

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BREAKING: White House Asserts Executive Privilege Over "Fast and Furious" Documents

Fox News is reporting that the White House has approved AG Eric Holder's request to protect Fast and Furious documents under executive privilege.

Holder has refused to turn over specific documents to House Oversight Committee Chairman Issa, despite a deadlines and a looming vote to hold him in contempt. The contempt hearing is expected to proceed as scheduled.
  If there was nothing to hide, why has Attorney General Eric Holder gone to such extremes to hide the documents about their plan to give guns to Mexican drug lords?  With Obama now asserting executive privilege, the story many in the media refused to report suddenly becomes a much bigger issue.  This is not going to end well for Obama or Holder.

So, does anyone in the mainstream media have the guts to be Woodward or Bernstein for "Fast and Furious"?  Or will they just roll over like they have on every other story?


Larry said...

OFFICIAL OLD MEDIA RESPONSE: Just as referees put their whistles away in the closing moments of a close game -not wanting to call a penalty that would decide the match -we, the Old Media, have decided to withhold any investigative journalism on this issue.

Sam L. said...

I'm with Larry. The blogosphere will run with this. The HofR will run with this. I'm surprised the WSJ hasn't gotten into this, big time,even if it isn't exactly their purview.

I await the National Inquirer--there must be a sex aspect somewhere for them.

Nightingale said...

If Bush were in office the MSM would be all over this like flies on....

I keep telling my liberal colleagues: would you be comfortable with [fill in the blank], if Nixon were in office?

Larry said...

The White House version of events is unraveling. Holder testified before the Senate that Bush's AG Mukasey knew about Fast&Furious -now Holder claims in a memo that he "inadvertently" made the charge in the hearing.

Sam L. said...

If there were a way to lay this off on BUSH!!!!111!!! or his administration, I see no way The Won would not do that. After all, everything else is BUSH!!!!111!!!'s fault.

Underdog said...

Dinosaur media will bury this like a dog buries old bones.

New media will run with this as far and as fast as it will carry them.

Will the likes of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal - as well as common folk on "Main Street" in "flyover country" - best the likes of CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, and PBS?

I think what Sen. John Cornyn already did tipped the scales in favor of New Media and the common folk. Advantage New Media. . . but you know the Dino Demo Media won't quit without a fight!

Sam L. said...

I've read there's someone at CBS who got on to this last year.

Larry said...

Sharyl Attkisson at CBS has been the only one in the mainstream media doing any real investigative journalism on F&F.


Her latest installment:

"CBS News has learned that the family of ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata has filed a claim for wrongful death against the Justice Dept. and other federal agencies."

She deserves huge kudos for her work on this, but the Pulitzer will go to Andrea Mitchell.