HolyCoast: Gov. Scott Walker Wins His Recall Race With Ease

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Gov. Scott Walker Wins His Recall Race With Ease

It's over.  I've been predicting for some time an 8%-10% win and it looks like it may be even better than that.  The networks were able to call the race with only 22% counted.

I wish I had the "Take-a-Number" concession on the tops of tall buildings in Madison and Milwaukee.  There will be longer lines than there were at the polls today.

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Larry said...

MSNBC- Tonight's big winner: Obama

That's right, the network that couldn't preview the recall within a mile are using the exit polls to tell us that all those voters who just kicked liberalism to the curb are ardent Obama supporters.

Judging by the pleasant reactions of the liberal media, I can't help but think that they knew for weeks that tonight would go exactly like this, but that they published skewed polls leading up to tonight in order to give their side some tail-winds.