HolyCoast: How Should Romney Have Responded to Obama's Illegal Move on Immigration?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How Should Romney Have Responded to Obama's Illegal Move on Immigration?

Sometimes the Romney team is very good, but on this one...well, not so much.  They should have known that the press would only give them two options:  Agree with Obama's policy or oppose it, but wouldn't let him do much more than that.

Had I been on the Romney team, I would have prepped the candidate by having him memorize some form of this answer:
Regardless of how you feel about the Dream Act or the situation in which young illegal immigrants find themselves, anyone who values the Constitution and our laws has to be very disturbed by the president's actions. They're clearly unconstitutional. Presidents don't get to ignore laws they don't like, nor do they get to write their own laws according to political correctness or their own need to buy votes from certain constituencies. Congress makes the laws and Congress elected not to pass the Dream Act.  That decision cannot just be ignored by the president.

If I become president I will have no choice but to reverse Mr. Obama's unconstitutional move, though Congress should tackle that long before January. They should not sit by while their authority is usurped by the White House.
With an answer like that Romney doesn't have to commit for or against the policy, but can base his objection to the way it was handled. The other benefit to this approach is the fact it would tick off the press since they wouldn't be able to pin him down.

Romney people - call me. You need my help.

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Larry said...

Your answer does one thing that Romney didn't do -it ignored the media's premise, which is exactly how Newt Gingrich won many arguments during the debates.

By repeating the phrase "through no fault of their own" Romney bought the liberal premise, and this is how he performed against Senator Ted Kennedy. He tried to run to the left of the Liberal Lion on every issue.