HolyCoast: Obama Illegal Immigration Play Not Moving the Polls

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obama Illegal Immigration Play Not Moving the Polls

From Breitbart:

UPDATE: I've updated the headline to eleven. Today, Rasmussen has Romney up 48 - 44% over Obama. Romney inches towards the magic 50% number as Obama languishes.

This poll also takes into full account Obama's cynical move to violate the law with respect to our policy surrounding illegals. No bump here, Mr. President. Just more bad news.
Anyone who is at all intellectually honest will tell you that Rasmussen Reports is not only one of the most reliable pollsters out there, but also an honest one. Which matters in this day and age when Obama's Media Palace Guards do their own polling and are regularly busted skewing samples to benefit Democrats (never Republicans). Rasmussen Reports is not only professional, it is currently one of the only pollsters using a tighter screen of likelyvoters as opposed to all or registered voters. This is important context when you discover that for 10 days running now, Rasmussen has shown former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney with a small but consistent lead over President Obama
Even though at least one other poll I've seen indicates that voters seem to favor Obama's illegal order, it's not changing their opinions about whether he should be re-elected. This issue, like gay marriage, appeals only to a small voting base. In fact, this issue probably has its most appeal among people who are ineligible to vote and therefore can't do much to help Obama.

In the long run I have to believe this will be a net loser for him.

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