HolyCoast: A Little More Explanation About the Hiatus

Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little More Explanation About the Hiatus

As I announced yesterday HolyCoast.com is going on hiatus for the summer...and maybe beyond. I had already been considering ending daily blogging after the election, so this isn't a hasty decision. Without question, the Supreme Court decisions this week finally pushed me over the edge. Here's a little more about why I'm doing this:
  • Although the ages of blogs is not over, it's certainly not what it was a few years ago.  When I started there was no Twitter or Facebook, and now many people look to those sources for their information.  I've almost stopped reading blogs altogether and spend far more time on those two social networks.  My friend and follower list on Facebook and Twitter dwarf the daily readership of the blog.  When Don Surber suddenly quit his very successful blog a few weeks ago it was kind of a wake-up call.
  • With my smartphone I can now post to Twitter or Facebook pretty easily and reach many more people.
  • My own blog traffic has dropped significantly in the last four years.  Either I'm not providing content that people really want, or there's just less general interest in blogs.  It's probably a little of both.  I've found myself way too often looking at the numbers and going "why am I doing this?"  
  • Because I've never been able to build the blog to a high enough traffic level, I've never been able to attract the kind of advertising that would make this financially beneficial.
  • With rare exception my readers haven't chosen to contribute either, so since I'm doing this basically gratis which means I've got to either be really passionate about it...or I'm just nuts.  I'll leave it to you to decide.  
  • Since September, 2004, I've posted nearly ever day, often 10 or more posts a day - over 27,439 posts in all.  I've posted from home and from vacation and business trips all around the country.  That's a lot of work to do for free.  
I'm going to take the summer off, but if the old fire returns I may pick up again in September and continue through the election.  However, I'll probably end it for good after that.  During the summer I'll have my Twitter feed displayed in the first post, so if you don't follow me, you can at least check in there to see what I'm posting about.

To those of you who have been regular readers - thanks!  I've appreciated your comments and readership.  It's been quite a ride since 2004 and promises to get even more bizarre as time goes on.  You'll still be able to find me on Facebook and Twitter.


Linda said...

Guess I'll follow you on FB!

Anonymous said...

thanksa lot for all your great work..will still follow you on Twitter~!

Duane said...

I've personally enjoyed your blog and linked to it often. You do good work.

I hope the fire returns.

God bless.

Nightingale said...

I sure understand your reasons for moving on. I'm not a big fan of FaceBook; it just doesn't feel like a safe venue for me, so I won't be following you there.

That being said, I reiterate that Holy Coast has been a breath of fresh air and clarity. I'm afraid that clarity will be diluted on Twitter and FB, but I understand the decision.

Best of luck, and thanks for hard work.

Janna K said...

I'm really sad that you want to quit blogging but I totally understand. That's a lot of work to do for free! I always have enjoyed reading your input... especially after big events in the news. I sort of stumbled across your blog several years ago and I checked back from time to time. You do have a great conservative perspective... especially being that you're from California, right smack dab in the middle of liberal territory! Your blog really is a breath of fresh air as Nightingale said. I am friends with you on FB so I'll check your commentary there. I don't follow Twitter. I do have an account but I never check it. Best wishes & God bless!