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Thursday, June 28, 2012

And With That HolyCoast.com Goes on Hiatus

Now that the Federal government has been given unlimited power to do anything it wants, I don't want to spend my time documenting the end of a great country.  We were founded on principles that have been totally abandoned by both parties and our courts.  In order to keep from writing a string of epithets and threats, I'm going on hiatus.  I may come back in the Fall...or may not.  We'll see.

I'll still be active on Twitter and Facebook.


Linda said...

This is so sad. I'll miss your posts!

Janna K said...

I agree with Linda! I will miss your posts! I totally agree with your thoughts though... our country is screwed. What the hell is wrong with Justice Roberts? He's a moron. He screwed us over... traitorous to conservatives as far as I'm concerned. I am so angry right now!

Mikey J said...

So, now when our country needs conservative voices more than ever, you will take your mables and go home?

And as to Janna -

What Roberts said was that the public has a vested interest in gov't, and if the public is upset with this law, then it is up to the public to do something about it.

Janna K said...

Justice Roberts sided with the radical left and left us with a major uphill battle on our hands! He did NOT do us any favors. If Obama wins in November, we can thank Justice Roberts for his role in it. I'm tired of this nonsense.

Mikey J said...

I didn't say that Roberts made good law or uphled bad law. I belive the latter. But his quote is telling:

"It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices."

Larry said...

I too will miss your writing, but I understand. I feel the country is in a deeper hole than it's ever been in my lifetime.

With the wall of judicial precedent that was made today, we would need an election result far beyond what was accomplished in 2010, every election, for decades, to begin turning this country around.

Realistically, that's not going to happen.

I don't know what keeps Scalia and Thomas from throwing in the towel too.

Janna K said...

Well that's really "nice" of Roberts to let conservative voters suffer the consequences of mindless liberal voters who don't know what the heck they're voting for. So basically, he made the decision he did so that the liberals who wanted this "health care overhaul" to find out the hard way that they should have been careful of what they wished for? By then it's too little too late... and we're all screwed. That was a DUMB call on his part. I am very disappointed.

Lana said...

I know that your voice will be sorely missed. I'm glad you confirmed me as a friend on face book so I can keep up with you.

Nightingale said...

Within a couple hours of the Supreme Court announcement today the Romney campaign was infused with a million dollars and counting.

This ruling has handed the Romney campaign and the Republicans a greater arsenal to blast more Democrats out of office, than if Obamacare been shot down today. Today the Republicans can tell Americans that the Democrats are the Party of Taxes; the Democrats will tax not just what you do, but what you don't do; the Democrats are all about enslaving the American people.

I was worried that brushing aside Obamacare might give the Democrats a platform for blaming the SCOTUS for being too political. Now that Obamacare has been temporarily upheld, the Democrats have to own this monstrosity, with it tax mandate and it rationing.

OK, get mad. In fact, get really mad. But don't stop posting...double your efforts. Holy Coast is one more place where one can get clarity; we need more of this, not less.

And to the Christians on this blog, continue to pray hard for our country and our fellow citizens.

sally said...

I agree, Rick.....we need people like you more than ever! Fight back even harder!! I'm posting on FB more and more....spread the word!

As for Roberts....I just don't understand why Roberts ruled constitutional as a TAX when it was argued as NOT a tax, but as allowed under the Commerce Clause. So now, is there any limit to what Congress can deem a tax and force us to do??

We still fight to face another day....And pray!!

Anonymous said...

Gird Thy Loins! Don thy Armor of Honor and Purity! Raise high thy Sword and Banners! Sound thy Clarion Call and Battle Cry! Lay waste upon thy Enemies and Opponents! Fight the Good Fight, and Abandon Not the Field!

Sam L. said...

Sam The Bold & Furious finds his fingers denied his Identity.

Nightingale said...

From Hugh Hewitt:

"One way to think about this: The decision is a modern Marbury v. Madison, where the executive who thought he had won had actually lost. The Chief Justice, already on the fence because of the plausible argument about the taxing power and worried about the Court's reputation and legitimacy as well as the prospect of two or three more appointees from President Obama, decides to go for the historic win and, by putting the taxing power on steroids, upholds the law but also changes the campaign tone which will not only result in the election of Mitt Romney and security in the next round of Supreme Court nominations and confirmations, but also lays the foundation for a long range cabining of the Commerce Clause and an eventual strike down of other portions of Obamacare, including the HHS regs. If this scenario plays out, this will put Roberts in Marshall's rank, but that depends on the electorate and, if elected, Mitt Romney's appointees to SCOTUS."

And to Sam the Bold & Furious, love your post.

Laura said...

I'm very sorry to read of your hiatus, as I stop by Holy Coast a couple times a day for years now, yet I understand. After the 2008 election I realized if I continued to focus on politics at my own blog it would be pretty negative all the time, and the focus of my blog gradually shifted over almost entirely to the things which make me happy, classic films and Disney.

That said I selfishly hope you'll be back soon. You do a great job selecting the most interesting news and adding your own commentary.

Best wishes,

Rick Moore said...

Laura - you found a niche for your blog that really works for you, and I applaud you for that. Although I'm not that much of an old movie fan, I do enjoy the Disney stuff since my family spent so many years with annual passes. It's nice to be able to see the new stuff through your eyes.