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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First Impressions of Carnegie Hall

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I found a few minutes to post between concerts. We just came back from the afternoon performances at Carnegie Hall, so we had our first look at the place (we perform there tonight). It's a little smaller than it looks in the pictures, but is very beautiful. Of course, they won't let us take pictures in there, but some of us can be rather crafty. I'm not done trying yet, and did sneak a shot with my cellphone that I'll post later.

One amazing thing about this auditorium is they don't use any microphones at all. The emcee came out and introduced the groups, speaking in a normal voice, and you could hear him as clearly as if he was standing next to you. I was in Row R and was quite a ways back from the stage. The acoustics are that good.

The day started out rainy, but thankfully has cleared up. We will be walking back to Carnegie at 6pm which means not only hauling 90+ bodies, but instruments of every size. We rented the bass violins and don't have to carry those, but cellos, a tuba, and a variety of string and wind instruments have to come with us. Since 6pm will be the height of rush hour, it should be interesting.

I'll try to post something with my cellphone following the performance. See you back home tomorrow.

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