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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Guess the Photo

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In the ongoing series of shots from the New York trip, see if you can guess what these items are (you can put your answers in the comments and I'll provide that answers sometime tomorrow.

A. B.

D. (an easy one)

UPDATE: Here are the answers:

A: I took this shot while looking straight up over my head at Spotlight Live!, the karaoke joint we visited on Saturday night. Those are all disco balls of varying sizes. It was the only interesting thing in the whole place.

B: The Star of India, a star sapphire on display at the Museum of Natural History.

C: The Sphere, which had been located in the courtyard of the World Trade Center. When they dug everything out, the heavily damaged art piece was still there, and was moved to Battery Park as a permanent memorial.

D: Passing under the Brooklyn Bridge during our dinner/dance cruise on Monday night.

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