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Monday, June 25, 2007

My Group

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During the Mission Viejo High School Orchestra New York trip I was fortunate to be the chaperone for the best group of teen musicians on the trip. Other chaperones may think they had the best group...but they'd all be wrong. These kids were great (and very talented), and I had a chance to grab a few photos of them all together.

Maybe someday they'll Google their names and come up with this post. I hope so, and so I'll give you their names. This shot was taken shortly after we arrived in New York as we were getting ready to head to dinner. From left to right: Suzanne Nightingale, Emily Moore, Alex Ling, Emily Jackson, Eric Hannan, and April Zaleski.

On Sunday afternoon we ate at a corner restaurant in Greenwich Village and I had the waitress snap a shot:
Later that afternoon we strolled through Washington Square Park in the heart of New York University and stopped for this shot:

During the dinner cruise, the group gathered on the upper deck for a commemorative photo. The photographer overexposed it a bit, but you can still see what a sharp looking bunch I had:

Finally, on the night of the Carnegie Hall Performance, I got them together one more time in their concert duds:
When I told some friends before the trip that I was going to chaperone a bunch of high school kids, they all felt sorry for me and thought I was in for a rough week. They were wrong. These are great kids and it was a real pleasure for me to spend a week in New York with them.

The OC Register had a brief article on our trip (here), and the orchestra website has another recap which included the following quote:

A man was overheard telling his Fourth-grade daughter, "Do you see how good you can become if you continue playing your flute?"
I'm guessing that was right after my daughter was featured playing the piccolo on Henry Mancini's Pennywhistle Jig. It was pretty impressive if I say so myself.

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