HolyCoast: Hillary Tries to Re-Start the Falklands War

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hillary Tries to Re-Start the Falklands War

I don't understand why this administration is so intent on kicking Britain in the teeth, but there does seem to be a pattern to the abuse we are dealing our closest ally.

Yesterday Hillary Clinton met with Argentine officials and made a statement encouraging Britain to sit down with Argentina and negotiate the status of the Falklands. Those of us old enough to remember the early 80's will remember that Argentina invade the Falklands and provoked a war with Britain in which the Argentines were badly thumped. As far as Britain is concerned, the day for negotiations is over. To borrow a term from global warming, the issue is "settled".

British papers are not responding very well to Mrs. Clinton:
Hillary Clinton’s statements at this press conference are highly significant, as they demonstrate a clear shift in US policy from neutrality (last week’s position) towards siding with the Argentine position of pressing for negotiations over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands at the United Nations.

The Secretary of State, a highly skilled political operator, knows exactly what she is doing here. She is giving her full support for the official stance of Buenos Aires, despite the fact that Great Britain has made it clear that the sovereignty of the Falklands is non-negotiable. She makes no reference at all to the fact that Argentina recently threatened a blockade of the Falklands, or that its close ally Venezuela has beenthreatening war against Britain.

Hillary Clinton’s dire performance in Buenos Aires was not only an appalling display of appeasement towards a corrupt and authoritarian anti-American regime, which barely has the support of 20 percent of the Argentinian people. It was also an astonishing betrayal of the United Kingdom by her closest ally, and yet another slap in the face for Britain from the Obama administration.

Clinton has demonstrated, not the first time, strikingly poor judgment as Secretary of State. While currying favour with a third rate kleptocracy in Latin America, she is alienating America’s most loyal and valuable friend at a critically important time. She also underestimates the resolve of the British people, who will never negotiate the future of the Falkland Islands. If the Argentines want the Falklands they will have to fight for them, and if they choose to do so they will be emphatically defeated, just as they were in 1982. Hillary Clinton can cry for Argentina if she wants to, but the Falklands will be forever British.

If another war breaks out down there the blame can go directly to the Obama Administration for provoking a fight that didn't need to happen.

And the Argentines will get their butts kicked again.


Stephen said...

I remember the first Falklands war very well. As much as the UK has helped the US in 2 major wars ... I hope this time we will go so far as to do the honorable thing and offer significant support. At least a couple of carriers to protect the British fleet.

Oh ... wait ... what are the chances the current administration will do the honorable thing in this case. Bummer.

Larry said...

Good Lord, Hillary is now taking on the likes of Pelosi. We would be better off if she would just stay at home and keep her mouth shut.

Ann's New Friend said...

Since Mrs. Clinton is just following orders from her boss, I can't help but wonder if he is trying to neuter her in advance of a possible challenge (on her part) in 2012.

Graham Pointer said...

Remember that Mrs Clinton doesn't like the idea of people wanting to remain British.

In the 1990s when she and her husband were meddling in Northern Ireland, they had plenty of time for those who used violence to try and remove Northern Ireland from Britain, and very little time for the majority who wanted to stay British.

And with Bermuda last year, she went behind the back of the British Government to have those 4 men from Guantanamo Bay sent to Bermuda.