HolyCoast: Bank Stays Open on MLK Jr. Day, Accused of Racism

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bank Stays Open on MLK Jr. Day, Accused of Racism

Of course they were:
After a Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance at Burlington’s City Hall Contois Auditorium Monday, about a dozen demonstrators marched on the TD Bank branch just down the street to protest the bank’s opening on the holiday.

The marchers briefly gathered in front of the bank, then tried to enter. Moments after the group arrived, Patrick Brown, director of the Burlington Multicultural Resource Center, said he would hand leaflets to bank tellers protesting the bank’s hours Monday. The leaflet read: “Dear TD Bank, you are defying the King holiday. Shame, Shame, Shame. This is a racist act. Shame, Shame, Shame.
As I recall when the MLK Jr. holiday first went into effect the bank I worked for didn't recognize it either. They chose to remain open for reasons known only to the management, but nobody was particularly bothered by it. Just because Congress creates a holiday doesn't mean business owners are required to close, regardless of whether it's politically correct or not.

Based on the "logic" provided by these protesters, the entire Mission Viejo Mall and all lessees therein are racist because when I was over there for lunch the place was hopping. It sure didn't seem to bother the thousands of people who were shopping. In fact, the place was more crowded than I remember seeing be in the last couple of weeks before Christmas.

I guess we're all racists....

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