HolyCoast: The GOP South Carolina MLK Day Debate, Where Every Candidate Will Be Required to Prove He's Not a Racist

Monday, January 16, 2012

The GOP South Carolina MLK Day Debate, Where Every Candidate Will Be Required to Prove He's Not a Racist

Scheduling a GOP debate on the MLK Jr. holiday guarantees one thing - every candidate will have to come up with some line praising Martin Luther King Jr. and kissing up to the black vote that they'll never get in the general election. After all, it's established fact among the media and Democrats that all Republicans are at their core racist and must somehow prove they aren't through their flowing praise for the civil rights icon.

What a waste of time. I'll vote for whoever refuses to pander to this nonsense. I'd love to hear a candidate say something like this:
"Martin Luther King Jr. did a lot of great things and moved America in the right direction, but no amount of praise will get us even one more vote from black voters. They're going to go 95%+ for Obama no matter what. Heck, Obama could reinstate slavery and still get 90% of the black vote."
However, nobody will have the guts to do that I expect that every Republican candidate will have already picked out flowery words with which they can shower praise on the slain (Republican) civil rights leader in the vain hope that somehow the media will at least report them as being less racist than the others.  It won't matter that the governors, mayors, sheriffs, and other political leaders who fought the hardest against King were all Democrats.

Dems were immediately absolved of all past racism the minute they passed the Great Society legislation that threw money at the racial grievance community leaders.  From that point on the meme became "Democrats good, Republicans racist", not because of any overt racism on the part of the GOP, but because they thought the programs were wasteful and ultimately harmful to society.  They were right.  Just take a look at the numbers for out-of-wedlock births and the number of black kids growing up in single parent homes today compared to 1965.  It's shocking the damage these programs did to the black community and black families.  We now have generations of people dependent on the government for their every need, while they live in crime and gang-ridden hellholes of neighborhoods and have no chance to make it out and live a better life (unless they can play basketball).  The Great Society has been a societal disaster.

I wish the GOP candidates would speak a little truth on this issue and not worry about kissing up to voters who will never support them.  Right now a lot of truth is what's needed.

But, we'll probably hear something like this tweet from JetBlue:
Honoring the legacy of Dr. King. How are you promoting inclusion and diversity to create a better tomorrow?
Answer: I'm not. Can anyone show me where promoting inclusion and diversity has let to a better today? If you want a better tomorrow you need to promote quality and try and get the best person for the job, not the person who fills out your official diversity color chart.  When I fly JetBlue I want the pilot to be the best person for the job, not the person who was hired to meet some diversity quota.

How about for a change we actually try and run our country the way King wanted to see it - where people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  What a refreshing change that would be.

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