HolyCoast: Even Donald Trump is Impressed With Newt

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Even Donald Trump is Impressed With Newt

I think the thing he's most impressed with is Newt is actually winning on the issue of marital infidelity:
Even Donald Trump was surprised that Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina Republican presidential primary Saturday.

"Nobody knows when it comes to this race," the real estate mogul told CNBC Monday. "This race is beyond what anyone has ever seen or witnessed before."

The former House Speaker has the momentum right now, said Trump, head of the Trump Organization. "He's amazing in the debates and a lot of people would like to see him do a number on [President] Obama. You know, let’s see."

Trump was also impressed that Gingrich was able to take an explosive issue — his ex-wife's allegation that he wanted an "open marriage" so he could keep his mistress, now his wife — and turn it to his advantage.

"He took the world's worst question that has to do with wives and infidelity and knocked it out of the park, and women ended up voting for (him)," Trump said. "That's a great skill."
I wonder if Trump is still sizing up a run as an independent? Newt is the same kind of bomb-thrower that Trump is, so there's isn't room in the race for both of them. However, a Romney nomination might get Trump thinking about it again.

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