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Monday, January 23, 2012

Political Tweet of the Day

Mitt Romney has released his tax returns and Jon Gabriel offers this observation:
@ExJon: The headline should be that Romney donated 15% of his income. Instead it'll be that he "only" paid 14% to almighty government.
And this from Political Math:
@politicalmath: What should boggle our minds is that it took the federal gov't 30 seconds to spend Mitt Romney's taxes.
And one more from Gabriel:
@ExJon: Reminder: In 2008, Obama gave 1% of his income to charity. Who cares more about the poor, him or the guy who gave 15%?
The reason Romney paid such a low tax rate is almost if not all of his income is capital gains and not ordinary income. So once again we'll hear how Warren Buffett's secretary pays a higher rate, but I'll guarantee you she didn't pay $6.2 million like Romney did.  Or give $13 million to charity over two years like Romney did.  I'm not even sure Buffett did that.

And Romney's not cheating anybody with that tax rate, he's just playing by the rules.

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