HolyCoast: We're Here (but one of our bags is in Norfolk)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We're Here (but one of our bags is in Norfolk)

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We made it safely to Oklahoma, only to discover that my wife's small roller bag was incorrectly tagged by the gate agent to Norfolk, VA. Mrs. HolyCoast is really starting to get a complex about the airlines. Given that this particular bag contains all of her...er, um... unmentionables, it looks like we'll do a little shopping while we're in town.

They actually tagged her bag with someone else's tag, which means that poor lady's bag is circling the carousel at Oklahoma City airport while she wings on to Norfolk. No telling if they'll get back together.

The bag is seeing more sights than we are. Hopefully it will show up sometime tomorrow. I hope it's having a good time.

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